Shipping Containers Reimagined

We transform ugly to unique.

We take old shipping containers and transform them into unique creations.

 Welcome to a new world! A new beginning! Regenercrate was formed out of a passion to build, a passion to grow, and a passion to bring ugly to awe inspiring! Our goal is to help you create your place of comfort, your place of family, your place of business, and your sanctuary of peace. The sky is the limit at Regenercrate! No build is too small, and we love a challenge. From Adobe-inspired-escapes to Zin-filled-offices, we are ready to create your next space. Come see what awaits you, and the limitless possibilities for your own personal space that stays with you through all your moves! 

What is Regenercrate?

Business hours

Monday - Sunday

08:00am – 12:00 pm

1:00 pm – 08:00pm


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